Are you ready to transform the way you think, relate and lead?

Unleash Your Genuine Management Genius

Learn 3 surprisingly simple, powerful, and proven coaching skills to break through the frustration, self-doubt and anxiety that prevent you from being a confident, engaged and effective people manager.

  • Do you worry that people don't trust you?
  • Do you ruminate about work problems?
  • Do you struggle with difficult personalities?
  • Do you feel helpless or stuck?

These thoughts are a sign that you are invested and want to be successful.
We want you to be successful, too, and
we help you discover new tools and perspective to do it in this
manager as coach training.

When: March 3, 2022 @ 9:00 am central time

Where: Zoom link provided after registration

Why: Because you want to make a breakthrough!


Enroll today. Registration is limited!

Whether you are new to management or an experienced leader, enroll now in this transformational manager-as-coach training if you want a breakthrough in:

  • Improved leadership presence and reputation
  • Self-awareness about your default mindset and its impact
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Strengthened social & emotional intelligence
  • More authenticity at work
  • Greater balance and fulfillment
  • Supporting and inspiring employee engagement
  • Motivating your teams with ease

BREAK THROUGH the people side of management to amplify your success, personally and professionally

Master-level Professional Coach Training designed for Managers

Now, more than ever, is the time to
invest in developing your
coaching skills as a manager.

Why Manager as Coach Training?

  • Coaching helps keep the stressed brain flexible, open and creative
  • Supports the development of high performing teams
  • People leave their managers, not their jobs--Coaching makes you a manager people trust
  • Move past your own blocks so you perform at your best and motivate others to do the same
  • Coaching creates clarity and alignment

So, are you in?


Not sure? Watch the video below!

In this video, professional Coaches Donna King and Flame Schoeder guide you through a series of powerful questions designed to help you gain awareness as to where you may struggle as a manager and to use the insight to transform the way you think, relate and lead. This guided coaching experience will help you feel the power of coaching and how you can infuse it into your management approach for more fulfilling outcomes.

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Meet your Coaches

ICF credentialed Coaches, Donna King, ACC, and award-winning Flame Schoeder, MCC teach you a coaching mindset so that you can immediately put your genuine management genius into practice. This interactive workshop is designed to help you develop the self-awareness needed as a coach-manager and practice the tools and techniques to break through to success.

We are certified professional coaches with over 25 years combined experience. We know first-hand how coaching inspires confidence and effectiveness. We have taught hundreds of people how to break through their own limits with these powerful 50-year old tools. Let us teach you coaching skills to support you on your journey to being a more confident, engaged and effective manager of people.

Donna King, ACC

With over 25 years’ experience inspiring and developing high performing talent, I've always had a passion for helping people step up to their full potential to thrive. After experiencing the transformational power of coaching myself, I decided to take off my leadership hat and transition my career to Coaching in 2008. I now help other leaders tap into their inner genius to achieve meaningful results in business and in life! 

Flame Schoeder, MCC

Seeing the best in people is really my life's work. By nature, I am highly critical and have an eye for whatever needs to be fixed. Luckily I found coaching in my early 20's and discovered that there was another way, an more fulfilling and genuine way, to relate to people. In 2020, I became a Master Certified Coach after 16 years of dedicating myself to that new way, which is an ontological approach. Let me teach it to you!

Enroll Today. Space is limited for this workshop.

Be a confident, engaged and effective manager of people.

As you apply and practice learnings from this class you will achieve breakthroughs at work and at home! We guarantee it or your money back!


"This class was more than I had expected. The coaches made me feel comfortable about dealing with issues that prevented me from either moving forward or possibly getting important work done."

- Lilly G. (Long Island, NY)

"The Breakthrough Manager class reminded me that situations arise every day to put on my leader/manager “hat”. Donna and Flame were able to provide tactics to apply to everyday life in an easy to use format that anyone can use."

- Beth D. (Omaha. NE)

A Class Participant shares her BREAKTHROUGHS

"I think that sometimes as managers we feel the stress of having to have all the answers all the time. Sometimes it’s a process, and also a shared responsibility of your support team around you. We need to learn to trust them to help. On the other hand, be able to confront those that do not work in a positive contributing way that doesn’t make the other person defensive. I was able to recognize the situation I was having with one individual and respond mostly in the way we had talked about in the class - it was actually amazing - the result was that person apologized to me for her tone....she has been terrific ever since.

We were able to talk it out in real situations and I was able to prepare how I could respond. Coaches Donna and Flame helped me clear the “noise” so I was able to focus on my issue and used those tools immediately." — Lilly G.


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